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10 “Proven” Ways to Make Money Online with WordPress And the Tools to Succeed

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Are you looking for ways to make money online that are NOT scams? We’re here talking with our founder Syed Balkhi looking for some of the top ways to make money online with WordPress. Come take a look as we go over the top 10 ways to make money online and the tools to help you succeed in doing this.

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For our first recommendation would be to look into affiliate programs. This is when you get a reward for referring someone to a product you would recommend or helping them sign up for an account at certain banks. For getting started we recommend programs like Amazon, Commission Junction, and ShareASale. Pretty Links is a helpful tool to help with organizing your links and making them human-readable.

Next, you can add advertising to your site such as Goole Adsense to include ads on your site for when users visit. There is a negative as Google takes a cut of your advertising revenue as they are an intermediary. If you were looking for more revenue you could look into plugins like AdSanity so you can negotiate ads on your site with advertisers that may be interested in your content.

If you have content or groups that you would like to gather the information you have available we would recommend creating a membership site using a plugin like MemberPress.

You can also collect the information you want to share with your visitors by using a word processor and saving the content as a PDF to create an ebook that you can sell. For specifically digital products we would recommend Easy Digital Downloads.

If you are well versed in what you want to share, you can create a program to teach others. We would recommend a plugin like LearnSash to set up your learning platform as it should have all of the tools you need for just starting out.

Another option would be to create a local/quality web directory, you could either charge for placement or charge for access to the directory itself. We have an article on how to create a directory here:

If you have products you previously sold physically you may want to look into creating an online store to offer it digitally or create a dropshipping store or marketplace to sell products created by other users.

If you are well versed in doing a certain task and are looking to offer a service you could look into freelancing with FreshBooks for you to offer invoicing. Or you can consult others by offering time using clarity.fm or having a consultation request form on your site.

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