Add first line or first x characters of textarea to another inputfield of CF7

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I’m using a contact form with CF7 on WordPress. I would like to use the first line or first x characters of the textarea field on a new input field as the subject of the contact form. I’m now having:

<div class="vacancy_form">
<div class="dt-sc-one-half column first">
[text* text-378 placeholder "Voornaam*"]
<div class="dt-sc-one-half column">
[text* text-379 placeholder "Achternaam*"]
<div class="dt-sc-one-half column first">
[email* email-274 placeholder "E-mailadres*"]
<div class="dt-sc-one-half column">
[tel tel-525 placeholder "Telefoon"]
<div class="dt-sc-one-column column first">
[textarea* textarea-181 placeholder "Waar gaat uw vraag over?*"]
<div class="dt-sc-one-column column">
[submit "Verstuur"]

So I thought of adding a hidden input field to the form and assign that to the subject in the mail tab of CF7 with this shortcode:

[hidden invisible-subject]

But after that I’m stuck. I have no idea how to ‘grab’ (a part of) input from one input field to add to another. Any help would be appreciated!




For this, you should use jQuery. You can do one of two things. Either insert this into your theme scripts file if you have access:

In this, I’m using focusout which will capture the text when the user changes focus from the textarea. I’ve used 50 characters, but you can change to whatever.

 $('textarea[name="textarea-181"]').on('focusout', function(){
        let text = $(this).val();
        // Change 50 to number of characters you want to use in the subject.
        let subject = text.substring(0,50);

Or, you can directly insert this into your Contact Form 7 code, below your submit button. It’s exactly the same, but minified so that there are no carriage returns which get turned into <p> by the AutoP function.

<script type="text/javascript">jQuery(function($){$('textarea[name="textarea-181"]').on('focusout', function(){let text = $(this).val();let subject = text.substring(0,50);$('input[name="invisible-subject"]').val(subject);});});</script>

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