Add theme support for post thumbnail isn’t working from theme class

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I have a theme class that I bootstrap my theme in and add the theme support but the featured image meta box isn’t appearing.

Inside the class file:

class WCS_THEME{

    private function __construct() {

    // Singleton design code here

    protected function setup_hooks() {
        add_action( 'after_theme_setup', [ $this, 'setup_theme' ] );

    public function setup_theme() {
        add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' );

Inside functions.php:

require WCS_DIR_PATH . '/inc/classes/class-wcs-theme.php';



First of all, simply replace



$instance=new \WCS_THEME\Inc\WCS_THEME();

Also, it is a bit strange that you don’t get fatal error with the code above. Turn debugging to TRUE to see PHP warnings.

I believe there is some problem with WCS_DIR_PATH. Print full path with

echo WCS_DIR_PATH . '/inc/classes/class-wcs-theme.php';

to make sure it is a correct path to your file.

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