Formatting text editor with Elementor

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I’m using Elementor with an OceanWP theme. I’m trying to customize a text editor that has many lines of text. I have 2 questions about how to tailor the content of the text editor:

  1. Is it possible to prevent Elementor from adding space between paragraphs (in a similar way to how MS Word handles this matter)?
  2. When I click on bold font, the text editor is actually using the expression <strong> rather than <bold> as I was expecting. The thing is that I would like to increase the contrast with the regular font but <bolder> and <stronger> do not work.



So I’d add some custom CSS

  1. You could add some custom CSS to override the margin on the paragraph elements within Elementor text block. Here’s some psuedocode:


    .elementor-text-editor-block p {
  1. Similarly, add something like
strong {
  font-weight: 600;

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