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How To Add Reading Progress Bar Indicator To Your WordPress Blog Posts and Articles For Free?

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In today’s WordPress video tutorial you’ll learn the best and simpler method to add a reading progress bar indicator to your WordPress blog posts and articles, in a free method.
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Have you noticed that some popular websites display reading progress bars at the top of their articles? This small bar shows how many articles the user has left to scroll and encourages them to keep reading. It helps your website’s visitors read your content and improves the overall user experience. In this article, we will show you how to add a reading progress bar to a WordPress post. Why and when to add a reading progress bar in WordPress
Users only spend a few seconds on the site before deciding whether to stay or leave. When you publish long articles, it becomes a little harder to keep users engaged because users have to scroll down.

Some website owners add relevant inline posts, while others use video or image galleries to keep users on the page. A small UI tweak has been added to the reading progress bar to encourage users to scroll down. It also motivates users to finish reading the article they are reading.

Many popular websites like to use reading progress indicators to motivate their readers. However, you also have to make sure that the reading progress indicator is unobtrusive and doesn’t distract from the actual content.

But let’s see how to easily add a reading progress indicator to your WordPress posts. Add reading progress bar to WordPress posts. The easiest way to display reading progress bars on blog posts and pages is to use a plugin like Worth The Read.

It is a free WordPress plugin that is lightweight and helps to add a reading progress bar to your website. The plugin offers a variety of customization options and allows you to match the styling to your website theme. You can even use it to display the reading time of an article.

The first thing you need to do is install and activate the Worth The Read plugin. Check out our step-by-step guide to installing a WordPress plugin for more details. Once activated, you need to go to Worth Reading » Progress page in your WordPress admin, then go to the Features tab to set the progress bar display. Next, you can choose whether to display a progress bar on posts, pages, and home pages. There is also an option to display a reading bar for custom post types.
If you scroll down, you’ll find more customization options.

You can include comments in the total length of the progress bar by checking the Include comments option. When adding a comment, you can also choose a different background color for the comment progress area.

The plugin also allows you to choose where to read the progress bar. The default option is at the top and is used by most websites. You can change it to display a progress bar on the right, left, or bottom of the page. Apart from that, there are other options to customize the reading progress bar.

For example, you can move the progress bar from right to left, use a fixed opacity, enable the progress bar for touch devices like phones and tablets, enable debug mode, and more. Don’t forget to click the “Save Changes” button when you’re done. Next, go to the Styles tab under Reading Progress to edit the appearance of the reading progress bar. The plugin allows you to choose the thickness of the progress bar, and choose a foreground and background color to match your WordPress theme.

The background color is used to fill the blank progress bar, and the foreground color is used to show the progress as the user scrolls down.

You can even use a transparent background for the progress bar. Enabling this option overrides the background color option and only shows the foreground color when the user scrolls down the article. After editing the style, don’t forget to save the changes to save your settings.

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