How to Create a Static Frontpage in WordPress

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Today we will be talking about how to create a static Front Page in WordPress. In order to demonstrate the static front page in this tutorial, we will be using the standard Twenty-Sixteen theme that comes with WordPress version 4.4.

The static front page is often a simple decorative page that can introduce you to a company/person/theme based on a simple image. As per the title “static”, a static front page is one that normally does not change. Typically, this page is used as a title page introducing people to the website.

In general, if you want to show content that continually changes, then you would not want to use a static front page. However, you can still spend the time on changing the static image if that is what you want to do.

Log in to the WordPress Administrator
Click on Appearance
Click on Customize

When you click on Customize, you will be brought to a preview of the site. Be aware that if you’re using a header image, then it may interfere with your static front page image.

If necessary, you may need to remove your Header Image. To this, click on Header Image, then click on the Hide Image button. Once you have hidden the image, simply click on the arrow pointing to the left at the top of the page in order to return to the Customize menu.

Click on Static Front Page

By default, the setting will be set to “Your latest posts”. You can create a static front page and your posts page in the Twenty-sixteen theme.

Click on the radial button labeled A static page. The options for the front pages will appear here. These options are based on Pages created within the WordPress Administrator Pages section. In order to create a new page, follow these directions:

In the WordPress Administrator, Click on Pages to create or edit an existing Page. When you create the page, make sure that it is saved with a title that you can remember for the Static Front Page selection.

Once you have created the page, return to the Customize menu and click on Static Front Page. You will then be able to select the page you created from the drop-down menu.

When you have the option saved, click on the SAVE and PUBLISH button in order to make the page visible. Double-check your page by looking at your site’s front page.

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