How to have custom page template in WP

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I developped a theme for WordPress for one of my client and in that order, I created multiple pages in html for the moment. Except my index (static homepage) using the “single” template I think, I have other pages (each one is different and using different style CSS).

Is it possible, and how should I create and name the custom PHP pages in order to get each page displayed by its own html basis and styling?

Didn’t find any matching answer on the internet yet, just general stuff about pages in wordpress, not custom ones.

Thank you a lot by advance if you can help me!



Separate php file for each webpage

Name each php file what ever you like, it does not matter

Add a template name at the very top of each php file

Template Name: Unique Name

The template is for ....


Open the wordpress backend with wp-admin and press create new webpage. When creating the new page select the template name you want.

Done !

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