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How to Install WordPress locally [ 2022 Update ] Fix Critical Error of WordPress using Bitnami

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Hello Everyone! Today in this video I am going to step by step guide you How to Install WordPress locally [ 2022 Update ] Bitnami for WordPress Complete guide on Windows 10/11.
This video will help you to Fix the Critical Error of WordPress using Bitnami. Windows (64-bit).

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What is Bitnami?
Bitnami is a library of installers or software packages for web applications and software stacks as well as virtual appliances. Bitnami is sponsored by Bitrock, a company founded in 2003 in Seville, Spain by Daniel Lopez Ridruejo and Erica Brescia.

So our main question is How to Install WordPress locally?
So let’s begin…

Step 1. First You need to download Bitnami for WordPress. For that, just follow the following link.

This page will lead to the Bitnami download on Windows 10/11. So just click on download and it will start downloading automatically.

Step 2. After downloading just double-click on the installation file for installing Bitnami on your Windows 10/11 OS. 64 bit. In my video, I have guided you step by step on how to install Bitnami for WordPress. Just follow that if you are facing any issues.

Step 3. Now open the browser and there you go!!
You have successfully installed Bitnami for WordPress on your Windows 10/11 OS. Cheers!!
Now you can run any server-side scripting language.

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The instructions in this video tutorial can be applied to laptops, desktops, computers, and tablets that run the Windows 10/11 operating system like Windows 10/11 Home, Windows 10/11 Professional, Windows 10/11 Enterprise, Windows 10/11 Education. This tutorial will work on all hardware manufacturers, like Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo, and Samsung.

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Topics addressed in this tutorial:
How To Download And Install Bitnami WordPress On Windows 10/11 64 bit OS
Install Bitnami WordPress on Windows 10/11
How to Install Bitnami WordPress and Get Started
Install Bitnami WordPress on Windows 10/11
How to Install Bitnami WordPress and Get Started
Bitnami WordPress installation windows 10/11

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