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WordPress plugins can be used to enhance your WordPress site. Let’s get started. WordPress search is the first method to install this plugin. Search for the plugin to install it. Go to WordPress dashboard Plugins add New. Next, use the search bar to search for the plugin that you are looking for. You can now choose any plugin from the search results. Click “Install Now” to install the plugin. After you have successfully installed the plugin click “Activate”. This is how to install a WordPress plugin using WordPress search. You can access your plugin settings by going to Plugins. Under the plugin name you will see a setting called settings. Click that to access all features of the plugin. You can also access the settings by clicking on the plugin that is installed. This will open the sidebar in the WordPress dashboard. Let’s now move on to the second method for installing the plugin in WordPress. This is the uploading of the plugin.zip file. The plugins in the.zip file format are premium plugins or those that are not available in WordPress. To install this plugin, you will need to upload a zip file to WordPress. Go to WordPress Dashboard Plugins Add New. Click “upload plugin”. Choose the plugin.zip file. After the file is uploaded click “Install” and then click “Activate”. The plugin will now be activated. This is how to install a plugin. Simply upload.zip file. That’s all there is to it. This is how to install a WordPress plugin.



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