How to Setup WordPress Installation on Vultr VPS with Plesk Control Panel

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In this video you can learn how to setup and install wordpress on Vult high frequency VPS with Plesk Free Control Panel.

➡ Direct Vultr Free Signup Credit –
➡ Free Vultr VPS Credit and other tutorials –
➡ DNS checker and other links also on above link.

0:00 Intro and Demo
0:34 Free $100 Credit for VPS
1:18 How to Signup for Vultr VPS
2:10 Deploy New VPS Server
3:33 Install Plesk on VPS
5:00 Login to plesk control panel
6:57 Add new domain
7:55 Add DNS records for VPS IP
12:55 Install WordPress
14:55 Plesk WordPress Toolkit settings
17:00 Plesk Update and Antivirus Scan
18:14 Web Application firewall and Log files
18:44 Issue SSL Certificate
21:34 WordPress Settings overview and login
23:00 Add multiple domains website in plesk
23:18 Other related tutorials for Vultr VPS Plesk


Why SSL certificate is not getting issued?

Wait after adding the acme txt record. Using below links check record is set correctly. Do not close the acme page and reload after 15-20 mins. Everytime you reload acme record txt will change and you will have to reupdate the record. Other solution for this is using a different SSL certificate other than letsencrypt I will create tutorial about it soon. Or you can use glue records that tutorial will also be created soon.

Why I still cannot see new WordPress page?

DNS record propagation takes time. If dns check link below shows ip has been updated. Try clearing your dns cache (google ipconfig/flushdns). Try different browser and device like your mobile, you could be seeing old page because of caching.

Why my Emails are not working?

Vultr and almost all VPS providers block port 25 required for sending emails by default. You can contact customer support to unblock it mentioning you do not intend to spam or send mass marketing emails from VPS. Or use SMTP provider. Detailed video tutorial is planned about this.

VPS Billing

Note: If you don’t like the VPS and don’t want to use it. Completely destroy it to stop billing. Destroy option is available on vultr website. Stoping VPS doesn’t stop billing only destroying it does.

Temporary Domain

Do not use temporary as that in my trials it caused a lot of issue and strongly not recommended.

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