How to use the WordPress 4.3 Editor Shortcuts

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The following tutorial video describes one of the new features of WordPress version 4.3 – the editing shortcuts. These shortcuts allow you quickly create headers, unordered and numbered lists, and quotes while working within the Post or Page editor.

Shortcut for creating a header

Login to the Administrator
Click on the Posts or Pages editor (or edit an existing post/page)
The shortcut for adding a header is the ## sign.

## = header 2
### = header 3
#### = header 4

Note: The header 1 does not work with a single # sign

The shortcut for a bullet is either an ‘*’ or a ‘-‘ followed with a space. Here’s an example:
1. *+ (space) – creates the bullet
2. Clicking on return then creates the next bullet
3. Clicking on return twice will end the list

Note: You can also use a dash in place of the asterisk.

The shortcut for a numbered list can be done in two ways:

– Typing in the number followed by a period
– Typing in the number followed by a parentheses

Here’s an example of how it works.

The final shortcut that we’re going to show is how to offset a quote in a post.

Click on the “greater than” symbol and then type in your quote
Click on return and you will see your quote offset with a solid bar

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