How to Use Variable Products in WooCommerce

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In this video you will learn how to set up a product with variables in your WooCommerce store. In our example, we will use a shirt with variables sizes.

Follow this link for our full guide on how to add Products:

To add a Variable Product you can follow these steps:

– We will start by logging into the WordPress Dashboard
– In our example we will be using an InMotion Hosting shirt as the variable product.
– Before we add the shirt as a product, we need to set up the size attribute, which will be used as our variable.
– Under _Products_ choose __Attributes__
– Fill in the name of your Attribute and Add it
– Under _Add New Size_ you can start putting size values.
– And now that the sizes have been added you see I can drag and drop the values to sort them in your desired fashion.
– Now that we have set up our attributes, we can use them as Product Variables.
– So now we will add our InMotion Hosting shirt as a Variable Product.
– Just click __Products__ on the left panel.
– Click __Add Product__
– Under Product Data we’ll set this product to a Variable Product rather than a Simple Product
– Make sure to put in an SKU, Stock Keeping Unit, otherwise the product will display as out of stock.
– Then choose __Attributes__
– Here you can add a custom attribute on the fly or choose the one we already made for size, and click Add.
– Uncheck “Visible on the product page”
– And make sure to check “Used for variations”
– Choose Select All, and you will see our values will populate automatically.
– Make sure to click __Save Attributes__
– Then proceed down to Variations, where you can finally apply these attributes to your product as Product Variables
– Select Add Variation and click Go
– Since we have three variations for Small, Medium, and Large, we will add two more variations by clicking Go two more times.
– You can edit each item individually now.
– Make sure to save changes and save your product.

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