loop through wordpress articles and add a css class with js

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I am working on a plugin currently. I would like to loop through all the articles: on click => open a popp-up, when the pop-up closes => show this content … My code only works for the first article. Sorry if that seems trivial to you, if you have links or tutorials to advise me, I am interested 🙂

Thank you !

function socialLocker() {
    let sl = document.querySelector(".ws-sl-container");
    let slc = document.querySelector(".ws-sl-content");

    document.querySelectorAll(".ws-sl-box-for-social-medias a").forEach(function(ele) {
        ele.onclick = function(e) {
            var web_window =, 'Share Link', 'menubar=no,toolbar=no,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,height=600,width=600,top=' + (screen.height/2 - 300) + ',left=' + (screen.width/2 - 300));
            var check_window_close = setInterval(function() {
                if (web_window.closed) {
           = "none";
           = "block";
            }, 1000);



It seems to be a problem with selecting the elements in the document.

You can use next selector: instead of selecting all and looping with foreach. With next, you will get the closest element.

Suppose all the posts in your list have a button with the class trigger and when clicked it shows a popup with the class of popup.

        jQuery(".popup").hide(); /* hide all popups */
        jQuery(".trigger").click(function(){ /* when button is clicked */
            jQuery(this).next(".popup").slideToggle(); /* toggle the closest popup */

This way the click / action (you want to have it when closed) on (this) element will affect nearest element.

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