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Create Stunning Websites With Ease, No Code Required

Join over 100k users that are building fast-loading websites with ease using Kadence Blocks! Get professional-looking results without any coding knowledge.


Features Kadence Blocks Pro

Features Kadence Blocks Pro
  • Intelligent Load: Kadence Blocks only loads CSS or Javascript when you need it and only for the blocks you are using on a specific page.
  • Responsive Controls: Tweak your design for each screen size. Edit tablet and mobile settings while previewing in the WordPress editor.
  • Layout Controls: Build any layout you can imagine and control it for any size with our row/layout block.
  • Typography Controls: Choose from 900+ google fonts and design your site with complete typography control.
  • 1500+ SVG Icons: Adjust everything from size, color, and even stoke width. Plus they load fast because no font-family is loaded!
  • Color and Background Controls: Gradients, Overlays, Blends, Parallax Backgrounds, Borders, etc. You can control all the design settings!
  • Configurable Defaults: Make development a breeze. Once the default settings are defined every time you add a block those settings will automatically be applied.
  • Setting Visibility Controls: Hide block settings from certain user roles so they can focus on content and you can keep them out of the block designs.
  • Spacing Controls: Control paddings and margins for your blocks in whatever units you like. Customize responsively for precision spacing and design.
  • Animate on Scroll: Create a beautiful experience for your visitors with on-scroll animation to reveal your content in an engaging way.
  • Custom Icons: Never be without the perfect icon, with custom icons you can upload your own custom icon or an entire set.
  • Dynamic Content: Dynamically pull in custom fields into your blocks for powerful site control. Really useful for hooked elements.
  • Custom Fonts: Create the perfect design with the perfect font. Easily upload a custom font or use Adobe Fonts.
  • Premium Design Library: Speed up your development with access to all of the premium design library items and starter sites.
  • Page Specific Scripts: Need to add custom tracking script to a single page or post, now you can right in the editor tools.

Your Website Will Look Great On All Devices

Kadence Blocks provides tools to empower WordPress users to create unique and meaningful content easier in the native WordPress editor. With our editing toolkit, the WordPress editor becomes a powerful page builder with all the controls and functionality you could wish for.

Effortlessly Build with the Drop-in Design Library

Quickly launch any project with our easy-to-use and lightning-fast prebuilt library. Browse by category or search to find the content pieces you want to drop into your pages. Adjust text, tweak the styles and you’re on your way! Beautiful inspiration for your next project is right at your fingertips.

Changelog Kadence Blocks Pro

== v1.7.5 | 11th April 2022 ==
* Fix: Carousel Order being one off once rendered.
* Fix: Autoplay always one in post grid carousel.

== v1.7.3 | 9th April 2022 ==
* Fix: Issue with meta font size in post grid block.
* Fix: Issue with content padding and background in post grid block.

== v1.6.1 | 10th February 2022 ==
* Add: Option to clear animation settings.
* Tweak: Possible issue with taxonomies.
* Fix: Issue with dynamic fallback image in image block.

== v1.6.0 | 14th January 2022 ==
* Add: taxonomy as a conditional display option.
* Update: Dynamic content for image block.
* Update: Add more Image ratio options for post and portfolio grid.
* Fix: Conditionally display controls.

= v1.5.11 | 23rd December 2021 ==
* Update: Prevent split content block from showing broken if advanced heading disabled.
* Fix: issue with animate on scroll loading in sidebar.
* Fix: Issue with modal and section not showing dynamic content correctly archive.

= v1.5.10 | 20th December 2021 ==
* Fix: issue with dynamic content src archive description adding extra paragraph tag.

1.5.9 14th December 2021
Fix: Issue with selecting multiple blocks.

1.5.8 13th December 2021
Add: Conditionally Show Block via dynamic content.
Fix: Issue with links not rendering correctly in query block.

= v1.5.7 | 7th December 2021 ==
* Update: Tweak some javascript around animation on scroll.
* Update: API Class.
* Update: Dynamic Content filters, better context control.
* Update: Image overlay link field with clear link option.
* Update: Split Content block cover image when text is larger then min-height setting.
* Update: CSS specificity with post grid title color.
* Update: MailChimp API requests item limit.

= v1.5.6 | 5th November 2021 ==
* Add: Aria Label option to video popup.
* Add: Mapping for fields for Webhook.
* Add: Post Grid title hover color option.
* Fix: Thumbnail gallery load layout shift.
* Fix: Issue with Image overlay.
* Fix: Issue with post grid selecting by custom taxonomy.
* Fix: Issue with product carousel individual select.

= v1.5.5 | 12th October 2021 ==
* Update: Dynamic content to work better in query block.
* Fix: Modal z index.
* Fix: Issue with color picker in some blocks.
* Fix: IP address issue in entries.

1.5.4 9th September 2021
Add: Mailchimp tag support to form.
Fix: Hex color input.
Fix: ACF Site Options.

1.5.3 3rd September 2021
Update: Video Pop dynamic image.
Fix: Individual select for post grid.

1.5.2 2nd September 2021
Add: More ratio options to slider.
Add: Dynamic content options to video popup.
Fix: Issue with image overlay and square ratio.
Fix: Custom Icons in widget blocks.
Fix: Order when individually selecting products.

1.5.1 24th August 2021
Add: Text transform control to image overlay.
Add: Max width to image overlay.
Add: Basic Responsive support for split content in editor.
Update: Automatically exclude current post in post blocks.
Update: in Element preview with latest post using dynamic content.
Fix: issue with split content overlap.
Fix: Overlay color opacity select.
Fix: Post Block issue with google fonts when added to a sidebar.
Fix: Issue with widget screen.
Fix: Issue with post grid carousel in tabs. BETA 23rd July 2021
Fix: License issue. BETA 20th July 2021
Fix: issue with portfolio block.

1.5.0 BETA 16th July 2021
Add: Page specific scripts.
Add: Beta Dynamic Content
Fix: Issue with swipe animation.
Fix: Issue with portfolio grid center mode.
Fix: Issue with portfolio grid column gap.
Fix: issue with thumbnails and 16:9 ratio.

1.4.29 6th April 2021
Update: Support ithemes Toolkit/Agency license.

= 1.4.28 =
Update: Post Grid Carousel Block editor rest end points.
Update: Typography filter hooks.
Update: Toolset filters.
Fix: Slider Background image select.

= 1.4.27 =
Add: New Controls for Countdown Block.
Fix: Form Entires export as CSV with WC not installed.

= 1.4.26 =
Add: Form Entires export as CSV.
Update: Post Block filter for non latin language support.
Update: JSON upload allowance.

= 1.4.25 =
Update: Styling issue with modal and toolset view.
Add: Option to turn off image link in post grid.
Update: Allow for auto responder message to have fields e.g. {field_1}.
Fix: Issue with animate on scroll.
Fix: Issue with image overlay letter spacing.

= 1.4.24 =
Add: Shortcode rendering to modal when load content after footer.
Fix: Preview of order by “menu_order”
Fix: Issue with post grid css filter css.

= 1.4.23 =
Fix: Issue with post grid added through element.
Fix: Issue with youtube embed not respecting start time.
Update: Post Grid with Menu Order option for query.
Update: Post Grid with option to open links in new tab.
Update: Post Grid no post action.

= 1.4.22 =
Fix: Issue with auto response dynamic subject.
Fix: Issue with post grid needing excerpt.
Fix: Possible issue with modal close styling when placed outside.

= 1.4.21 =
Add: Webhook Option to Kadence Blocks Form.

= 1.4.20 =
Fix: Styling of modal when added in the footer.

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