Oceanwp Vs Astra Vs Generatepress: Best Theme For Page Builders

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If you’re a fan of using page builders to design your websites, you’ll want to choose a theme that’s compatible with your favorite tools. In this comprehensive review, we’ll compare three of the most popular WordPress themes to use alongside page builders.

0:32 | Why Page Builder Themes
2:46 | Install OceanWP
3:56 | Install Astra
5:28 | Install GeneratePress

Picking the right WordPress theme is an important consideration and one that shouldn’t be rushed. If you put some thought into how you’ll actually be using your theme beforehand – for example, by knowing what page builder plugin you’ll use – you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

In this review, we compared three of the most popular and feature-rich WordPress themes that are perfect for page builder enthusiasts. To recap, here are our conclusions about OceanWP vs Astra vs GeneratePress:

Astra: This was the best overall theme in our review, offering lots of features, excellent performance, and compatibility with a wide selection of popular page builders.
GeneratePress: As an alternative option, this is a lightweight, easy-to-use theme that’s well priced and very streamlined.
OceanWP: Although it’s a bit more convoluted to use, this theme offers a lot of options, and places a strong focus on helping you create beautiful designs.
Hestia: An easier-to-get-started-with alternative than the above – simply giving you a theme that works and looks great out the box – while also being compatible with the popular page builder plugins.

Have you used any of these themes? If so, what did you think of them? Who’s the winner between OceanWP vs Astra vs GeneratePress for you? Share your experiences with us in the comments section below!

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