Print Meta Data In Woocomerce Rest Api

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I am new to woocomerce Rest API. I am accessing all data from wordpress. Now i want to print the meta data. Api return me data in this json :-

[meta_data] => Array
                    [0] => Array
                            [id] => 53380
                            [key] => slide_template
                            [value] => default

                    [1] => Array
                            [id] => 53381
                            [key] => payment_details
                            [value] => no data found

                    [2] => Array
                            [id] => 53382
                            [key] => wf_invoice_number
                            [value] => CNC04216

After decoding of json i want to print this meta data. I am trying to print like this

<?php  echo $std[$k]['meta_data'][2]->wf_invoice_number; ?>

But may be its not a std Class object… How can i echo the meta data values.



I’m a little unclear what your problem is exactly – it seems that you have the values and the keys mixed up

The data from the question can be represented with this PHP snippet

        array('id'=>53381,'key'=>'payment_details','value'=>'no data found'),

To show details from all parts yo can iterate through the top level array like this and access the items within using standard array notation.

foreach( $data['meta_data'] as $arr ){
            id: %s
            key: %s
            value: %s

This will output:

    id: 53380
    key: slide_template
    value: default
    id: 53381
    key: payment_details
    value: no data found
    id: 53382
    key: wf_invoice_number
    value: CNC04216

To access a specific record by index ( using the quoted index of 2 for instance )

#specific row
echo $data['meta_data'][2]['key']; // outputs: wf_invoice_number

To show the keys from a particular record, again at index 2:

printf('<pre>%s</pre>',print_r( array_keys( $data['meta_data'][2] ), true ) );

To show the corresponding values at the same index:

printf('<pre>%s</pre>',print_r( array_values( $data['meta_data'][2] ), true ) );

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