Updating a field with a function in WP

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I’m trying to code a function that will automatically tick a check box field in the back-end when the post status is set to ‘publish’. This is in my functions.php btw.

function featured_post(){
if( get_post_status() == 'publish' )
update_post_meta( $post->ID, '_featured', '1' );

I’ve set the function to run in the post preview template by calling featured_post() but it doesn’t seem to work. Can anyone point me in the right direction?



You need to use action hooks in order to make your function work. In your case, you need to use the post_updated hook like the below:

function set_featured_post($post_ID, $post_after, $post_before){
  if( get_post_status($post_ID) == 'publish' ){
    update_post_meta( $post_ID, '_featured', '1' );

add_action( 'post_updated', 'set_featured_post', 10, 3 );

Read more about this hook via WordPress Codex

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