Why is WordPress not recognising the function I created?

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I am trying to create a function with two variables. One variable is the text I want to hover over, the other variable is the text I want displayed when I hover over the first text mentioned. I’m using the following shortcode from Shortcodes Ultimate to create this function:

[su_tooltip style="yellow" position="top" shadow="no" rounded="no" size="default" title="" content="Tooltip text" behavior="hover" close="no" class=""]Hover me to open tooltip[/su_tooltip]

I have written the following function in functioins.php:

function hov($x, $y)
    echo "[su_tooltip style= \"yellow\" 
     content =strval($y) 

I added the backslash so the code ignores the quotes. I saved this function. I tried running this function in a text editor page as follows:


But it just published “hov(arg1,arg2)” as a literal string. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance.



If you’re trying to type hov('foo', 'bar'); into your HTML then it will output that as text.

To call a PHP function from inside your template you need the opening and closing PHP tags.

So in your templates, to call this function you would use the following code.

<?php hov('foo', 'bar'); ?>

If you’re trying to call for a shortcode then you need to use echo do_shortcode(['...']);

<?php echo do_shortcode(hov('foo', 'bar')); ?>

Revised Answer

To run a PHP function by calling it in the post editor you need to create a shortcode

Shortcodes are created by using the WordPress function add_shortcode See:

add_shortcode('hov', 'hov'); // create ['hov'] which calls hov()
function hov($args = [])
    return do_shortcode(sprintf('[su_tooltip style="yellow" position="top" shadow="no" rounded="no" size="default" title="" content="%s" behavior="hover" close="no" class=""]%s[/su_tooltip]', $args['y'], $args['x']));

Example usage

[hov y="foo" x="bar"] Where x and y are passed as items inside of $args

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