WooCommerce Price Filter – trigger on change instead of submit

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Does anyone know how I can customize the WooCommerce price filter widget to filter on a ‘change’ trigger instead of having the submit button?

It is located in templates/content-widget-price-filter.php – but since it is made as a form, does that mean I HAVE to use a submit button to trigger the event?



In your child theme, you could create a jQuery script that detects a click on the slider to automatically click on the “Filter” button.

jQuery( document ).ready(function($) {
    var priceSliderElements = $('.price_slider');
    var priceFilterFormSubmit = $('.widget.woocommerce.widget_price_filter .button[type="submit"]');
    priceSliderElements.on('click', function() {;

Then just hide the filter button in your css (can can do that in jQuery if you prefer):

.widget.woocommerce.widget_price_filter .button[type="submit"] {
    display: none;

Tested and it works 🙂

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