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I’m developing a few custom blocks for easy page-building according to our website’s visual guidelines.

My question is simple: how can we create a conditional statement that will add an element to the page if true, and do nothing if false?

Code here

// parent block    
// conditional child block that is shown only if attributes.linked1text is not blank                
attributes.link1text ? el('a', {className:'block-hero__links 
txt_colorwhite',href:attributes.link1href},attributes.link1text.concat(' »'),), : null,
// other stuff to follow

Thanks in advance



To optionally render elements, use Conditional Rendering with the logical && operator, eg:

el('div', { className: 'block-hero__linkbox' },
    {attributes.link1href && // if link1href evaluates to "true"
        el('a', // render this
                className: 'block-hero__links txt_colorwhite',
                href: attributes.link1href
            attributes.link1href // the link content
            Other content..

If there is no default or the value of the attribute link1href equates to false, then no link is rendered.

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