WordPress Image Optimization: How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

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The No.1 thing that slows down your WordPress website is IMAGES ?. These being said, WordPress Image Optimization should be the first thing to focus on, when you want to improve your site speed.

The image files that you display on the site can be standard pictures, or the elements of your site’s design, or backgrounds, or whatever else.

Basically, every file that ends with.JPG, PNG, or GIF, and is served to visitors through your website, contributes to the overall loading time of the whole thing.

And the impact of images is really significant.
I could even say, massively significant.
In fact, most of your website’s bandwidth, I mean the amount of data your site sends over to the visitor, is consumed by images.

Just look at the following fun example.
This is a small image, just 600×300 pixels:
In total, it takes up 40 KB of disk space.

Let’s put it into perspective.

The whole text content of this blog post, for example, the whole thing from top to bottom is, I don’t know, maybe less than 10 KB.

Conclusion? Images take up multiple times more disk space than text content. For instance, your average blog post can grow in size 3-10x as soon as you add just one image to it.

If there’s just one thing you should do to improve your site speed, it’s optimizing your images.

Just doing that alone can shave 50% or more off your site’s loading time.

Okay, so how to do it?

I’ll show you that in just 3 simple steps:

Step #1 – 2:00 Use an image optimization plugin
Step #2 – 4:21 Lazy loading your images
Step #3 – 6:03 Generate custom images on the fly

Visualizer: Charts & Graphs Manager

Video #1 – Getting started:
Video #2 – Import & edit data:
Video #3 – Manual Configurations:
Video #4 – Animations:

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