WordPress Returning function within Shortcode displaying top of the page

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I am trying to use a shortcode to display Ultimate Member form, the issue I have is the output of the shortcode always displays at the top of the page and not where I placed the shortcode.

I think its outputting acf_form(settings) as soon as the shortcode is called and not returning it.

function op_profile_skills_func (){
    $form = acf_form($settings);
    return $form; 
add_shortcode('op_profile_skills', 'op_profile_skills_func');

Not sure what I am doing wrong, any thoughts? I have tried echo.



As you supposed, the function is printing the form rather than returning it.

What you can do is to capture the output using an output buffer:

function op_profile_skills_func (){
    $form = ob_get_clean();
    return $form; 

Everything echoed or printed between start and clean will be collected and passed to $form.

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